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Epic Meal Time

Developer: Molecube
Genre: Games
Itunes Rating: ( 5 )

It s the Epic Meal Time mobile game haters!

Fling delicious unhealthy food at the Sauce Boss to make your score go sky-high but beware of the veggies, having too many will end your game and bring shame on you.

There are tons of crazy items and perks to unlock; Hats with god-like powers, new foods and meals, awesome backgrounds, extra lives and more stuff coming soon.

“Finally, Someone Releases An Epic Meal Time Game” - Touch Arcade

So what are you waiting for? This is a no-brainer for any fan of EMT. And if you’re not, well then … you are certainly missing out on some fun. Now go forth and gather bacon strips!” - AppAdvice

“[...]enjoyable display of gluttony that won t add several inches to your waistline” -Modojo

“This game WILL make you hungry. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”
- 4.5/5 9over10

“[...] you know that it’s going to be fun — and it is” - 9/10

“Epic Meal Time has finally come to the world of mobile gaming [...]” - Pocket Gamer

“This is by far one of the best games that I have downloaded on [...] iOS.” - Digivax

“[...] all of the fun of eating a ridiculous amount of food without the pesky side-effect of getting fat.” - Mobile Nation

Music by commodore 84 + A1 & 1UP and the Dub Cobra