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Developer: Zattikka
Genre: Games
Itunes Rating: ( 4.5 )

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The path of the Ninja is not an easy one.

In this puzzling new game, you play a young Ninja just starting out on his journey, training to learn how to move with grace across stepping stones, each one falling into the void behind you. There may be other tiles behind you as well, but you cannot turn back, as a Ninja moves ever forward. To complete each challenge, you must step on all the tiles until you remain standing on the last available tile. Each puzzle has been finely crafted by your master to challenge your mind and test your pathfinding skills. Can you best all the mazes your master has put before you?


* 84 levels of fiendish puzzles
* 4 seasons to explore, each with its own clever challenges to best
* Easy to navigate controls
* Gorgeous, whimsical art
* Handy hint system if you get truly stuck