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Mum or Dad - Who do you look like?

Developer: Liquid5 Ltd
Genre: Entertainment

Ever get people tell you that you look just like your mother or that you have your father s eyes? It can get quite confusing deciding who s right and who s wrong. Well now there s an iPhone application that can help you find this information out with ease.

Scanning your photograph, it takes your image and then compares it to the images of your parents. With this comparison it can then see who it is that you are most similar to. This then provides you with the concrete evidence you need to settle any debate that might be ongoing.

This particular iPhone application uses the same technology to that of Fit or Fugly whereby it utilises Fibonacci s Ratio to scan your parent s faces. What this does is then map their features, drawing parallels against your own. Having been proven to work in the past, you are guaranteed accurate results.

In the past this technology was used to let people know whether they were attractive or not using simple mathematics. With a proven track record it had a high success rate with 100% accuracy. These logistics have now been transposed to let you compare your parent s faces with your own.

Using facial recognition, it automatically detects your features making this simple to use anywhere and any time. Taking the photos from either your camera roll or your Facebook profile online, or even just taking a photograph of yourself, you can compare pictures in no time. It really is that easy.

There never has to be another debate again on who you most look like. With hardened proof it can be settled once and for all. So, whether it s to settle an old argument, or is simply for passing the time and livening up your day, there s plenty of reasons to get this.

With its complex algorithms used, you are guaranteed success. Perfect for any family gatherings or events, it s quick and easy to manage with a minimum of hassle wherever you might be. Get the Mum and Dad application for your iPhone now to finally answer this burning question today.