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Word Sync

Developer: LiquidFire Entertainment
Genre: Games
Itunes Rating: ( 4.5 )

- Has twice as many challenges as the free version.

A new kind of addicting word swap game. Each puzzle is fun, quick and mentally stimulating. Perfect for playing when bored at work or when you only have a few minutes to kill.

The concept is simple; change the a word into its opposite. The challenge is you can only change one letter at a time and to continue each change must produce a real word.

Its so easy to we can solve the first puzzle together right now! By turning LEAD into GOLD one word at a time.

Lead -> Head -> Held -> Hold -> Gold

★★★ This solution would have rewarded you with three stars. And using Game Center you can show off your collection of stars to your friends and compete to see who is the best at solving word puzzles. ★★★

There are already hundreds of word puzzles and more are being added all the time. This game promises hours of entertainment.


• Hundreds of Word Puzzles.

• Intuitive Game Play – Tap Letters or Type the Words

• Three, Four, and Five Letter Words for different levels of challenge.

• New Word Puzzles Being Added Daily!

• GameCenter Leaderboards to compare with friends or to show off to the world.

• Parents love letting their kids play; it helps them remember spelling and learn new words.